The Snowflake in our name says it all – we love to create unique and beautiful experiences. So if you have an event or a party coming up, we’ll help make it special.

Our gelato cart certainly gets around

Did you spot it at the Harvey Nichols Festival of Style, or serving John Lewis VIPs at the OnBlackheath festival? It’s helped happy couples celebrate their weddings and even kept things cool at the screening of Wimbledon Tennis in the City. It can come to you too!

If you have an idea, we’ll make it happen

Luxury hot chocolate and freshly made waffles served desk to desk? The biggest ever gelato cake delivered straight to a party? If you have an idea, we’ll make it happen. Or ask us to get creative. We’ve already added sparkle to events for Facebook, PwC, Badoo and Apple, and we’d love to come up with something special just for you.

A celebration to remember

Book all or part of one of our luxurious boutiques for a celebration your family, friends and colleagues will never forget. Share one of our gelato cakes or let everyone pick from our menu. Our friendly servers will help everything go smilingly.

Learn the art of gelato

Spend some quality time with one of our gelatios – gelato chefs – discovering how we create our award-winning gelato and sorbetto flavours using traditional Italian methods. Bond with your team, or treat someone special.

Contact us on: 020 7287 1045 | for delivery enquiries and more details